edirㅣCordless Circulation fan
edir - Cordless Circulation fan
Category : Product design / Design by. JKDESIGN
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JKDESIGN worked with edir on the wireless circulator fan project. Edir, a brand that produces a wide range of small home appliances such as fans, humidifiers, and electric heaters, is known for its affordability, high-quality finishes, and sophisticated design language.

The purpose of this project was to expand into an indoor space by providing products and mood lights suitable for interior design based on the essence of Edir's wireless circulator products.

In this project, JKDESIGN focused on creating objects that provide visual stability and pleasure, focusing on ratio, balance, and balance in the iconic form of a wireless circulator. Taking the motif from the basic figure, it has a modern and simple shape that is suitable for interior design, and it has a 90 degrees up and down, 90 degrees left and right rotation, which allows for a variety of rotation angles as well as automatic 3D rotation. It is a product that can be used wirelessly and provides convenient use that does not require additional products around it with subtle lighting for a comfortable sleep on a hot summer day through the combination of a circulator fan and a mood lamp. By providing a magnetic stand on the back of the wireless circulator, it further increases the value of simple and modern products.

edir's wireless circulator in collaboration with JKDESIGN was released in Korea in May 2024.


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