ddokeㅣTime Management Timer
JKDESIGN designed ddoke Time Timer / Part, Deco, UX, pattern, CMF, Shape
Design by. jkdesign
Modern, intuitive, trendy, time management
It can be seen as a time timer product for children, students, and office workers.
In the case of Alpha Generation, as OTT and streaming services have become popular in modern society, content or videos can be accessed early and content in daily life can be easily found. However, most of the contents of highly addictive videos are watched without knowing that time is passing. This is a product to solve these problems.
Each person plans in the same amount of time per day, and thorough self-management, that is, time management, creates a life of great change and development.
The shape of the product is designed at an easy-to-see angle that is tailored to the visual elements of the soft feel of the square and the desktop. In addition, the optimized proportion of time-marking artwork, and the scales increase the intuition. In addition, we considered a more intuitive UX perspective because the time of the set goal is seen as a colored area.
As the color area decreases, children to adults can easily recognize that time is passing.
Easy to Use
It's simple to use.
You can set the time required for the timer by turning the button in the middle to set the time required to achieve the planned schedule and goal.
As time elapses, the alarm tells you that the target time has arrived.
The product is operated with two AAA-sized batteries.


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