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Retinal Disease
The main cause of age-related macular degeneration is aging. The macular area is lost and degenerates due to various factors related to aging and resulting in loss of function. As you get older, your chances of getting it increase. As the world is constantly entering an aging society, the number of patients with macular degeneration increases every single day.
AR Glass, an innovative product for visual patients
Arges are smart glasses for people who suffer from age-related macular generation (AMD), the leading cause of vision loss. glasses use a small 4k camera and mobile app to capture and process images in real time. The images are then displayed back to the user with an augmented reality display in Full-HD. This process moves the central vision to the peripheral field of view, allowing AMD patients to recover their lost vision and regain independence.
Modern yet sophisticated universal design for everyday use
JK Design designed AR Glass with augmented reality features for visual patients. AR glass is a design optimized for everyday life and resembles the shape of existing glasses and delivers a friendly image. The weight of the glasses is designed to be light in consideration of the user. By optimizing the visual proportions felt in the form of smart glasses, we naturally balance the flow of gaze. The buttons on the function are applied in the most convenient location, taking into account the user's UX perspective, to enhance usability so that they are not inconvenient to use.​​​​​​​
Communication and connection status of smart glasses
The LED lights on the left and right sides of the product indicate the connection of the product and the current communication status.
Two modes
The AR glass provides two modes through the touch button on the spectacle leg. There are glasses with sunglasses function and AR glasses that can be used in AR mode. When used in AR mode, the glass part of the glasses changes transparent.
It is convenient to charge and use.
It provides a C-type charging method and does not require frequent battery replacements that need to be changed every three hours for conventional visual patients.
Arges Key points
1. 4K camera on the AR glasses 
2. Mobile App with a customized image processing engine
3. Full HD Reflective Waveguide Lens with an FoV of 47º
4. Voice control function 
5. Electric Auto Sunshade coated with a PDLC film 
6. Lightweight due to Titanium and Ultem materials  


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