HUINTECHㅣUnderwater drone SHARK
Design by. JKDESIGNㅣUnderwater drone Shark
Category : Product design

It is a drone for underwater work exploration that explores the deep sea.
The six propellers allow you to maintain free and stable motion and water depth during exploration.
Design Intention
The deep and wide sea is also a place where mystery and fear coexist. JK Design was inspired by sea creatures who travel freely in the sea while designing underwater drones. It is an underwater drone that freely moves and explores the sea while capturing shapes and images with the motif of sharks in the product.
Platform-based underwater drone products
It is a platform-based underwater drone product that implements a screen in an underwater environment through a camera lens, clearly observes it, and quickly shares underwater situations through sensors in real-time.
Six propellers.
The six propellers enable free and stable motion, posture, and water depth maintenance.


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