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JK Design conducted an AI Doctor Catboard design project with PETBECEO. PETBECEO Catboard is a company that develops and provides an AI doctor service that smartly changes cat litter boxes. The purpose of the project is to place and use a cat litter box on a cat board product and to easily monitor the management and observation of cats. Urinary system disease, which is said to affect 70% of cats, can be managed accurately with the urination management IoT service. In this project, we applied a cat board that is compatible with a variety of cat litter boxes and a product with images of pets. Therefore, the overall product concept used a cute image of a cat's belly and thick paws and focused on making the curved surface at the bottom of the product a focal point. Additionally, the four support feet are shaped like cat feet, maintaining a high-quality concept and playing a stable role. By linking with the app, you can easily enjoy recognition and services through a more convenient and intuitive UX.


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