CASTㅣAutomotive Infotainment Genuine Display Available as Tablet PC
Category : Product design / Design by. JKDESIGN
The cast is a vehicle USB dongle that operates independently of the mobile phone, and you can use the vehicle's genuine display like a tablet PC.
Driver, safety, convenience
It provides all the entertainment that takes place in the vehicle, and offers a variety of services, including navigation, watching IPTV, watching IP RADIO, and listening to music.
It can be used according to the user's situation, such as tethering, LTE data, and WIFI.
It is automatically available for different screen sizes on the vehicle LCD.
You can use a variety of apps reliably.
Design intent
Overall, it is a simple and slim type of USB dongle designed for convenience by optimizing the ratio of the product along with the usage environment. JKDESIGN tried to create a new image of a new brand that takes advantage of the edge points of the corners along with a soft shape. A number of shapes have been reviewed to find the most easy-to-hold and easy-to-manipulate form, and finally developed into a product that satisfies both the usage environment, product shape, and usability.


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