UGV l Hydrogen Fuell Cell Robot
​​​​​​​Category: Product Design / Design by. JKDESIGN
Design Intent​​​​​​​
In the case of the hydrogen robot ugv, the shape of the robot as a whole shows the process of water droplets turning into hydrogen.
From front to rear, elements of organic curves and curves emphasize the familiarity of robot products and the identity of hydrogen.
In addition, the robot's eyes, which can be seen as the role of headlights, aim to personify future-oriented images and robots by placing straight elements.
Smart Self-Driving Robots Are Highly Utilized.
Good hydrogen robots supplying alternative energy hydrogen in the near future
Easy to Use
It is convenient to move anywhere that requires hydrogen charging, so it can be easily charged.
Alternative energy hydrogen available for a variety of transportation
As the number of moving equipment using hydrogen increases, hydrogen UGV robots that move and help charge are used as essential equipment.


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