ED-UV360ㅣHigh-capacity composite humidifier
JKDESIGN designed ED-UV360 / Part, Deco, UX, pattern, CMF, Shape
Design by. jkdesign
Modern, Future, Elements of Interior, Large capacity
It is a large-capacity composite humidifier that analyzes users' environment and usage patterns and contains better elements and functions. The overall body of the product creates a stable ratio and modernity with the design elements of diagonal lines from the cylindrical shape, and incorporates a futuristic concept by applying an intermediate pattern. Also, it can be used according to the situation with two types of heads.
Easy to Use
We propose two ways. 
Centralized nozzles that draw perfect parabolic lines, 360 degree nozzles with 8 dispensing holes in all directions, and choice for use in your environment.
The flow of one's gaze
Perfect surface design for internal components.
We put a lot of effort into emphasizing the key points of overall proportion, pattern, and design. Heads with 360 degree injection holes are aligned with the product outline and the angle that comes up obliquely to make them look like an integral line. The in-type LED elements and segments maximize a clean product image, while harmonizing the stable body and straight elements to create a comfortable visual flow.


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